The Second Amendment is my license to carry

Does one need a permit to attend church? (First Amendment)

How about to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures? (Fourth Amendment)

What about the right to remain silent? (Fifth Amendment)

We all know the answers…

So why have politicians taken the Second Amendment and made it a privilege instead of a right?

Because we have let them do so, that’s the reason for our WyGO PAC.

Let’s compare a state similar in population, Vermont has around 609,000 people. That’s 79,000 more than in Wyoming. But despite the fact that Vermont follows a strict constitutional interpretation, (no gun laws on the books) the crime statistics are virtually the same as Wyoming.

How can this be?

It’s what all of us know to be true, the criminals don’t obey laws anyway.

It’s time for Wyoming to restore the rights of the people, the Second Amendment is my license to carry!

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