Dave Lauck for Sheriff of Campbell County

Cheyenne, WYO – WyGO PAC (Wyoming Gun Owners) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Dave Lauck for Sheriff of Campbell County. http://www.lauckforsheriff.com/

WyGO PAC is the “Political Action” side of Wyoming Gun Owners, the only no-compromise gun rights organization in Wyoming.  We work very hard to expose politicians who would either work to take away our second amendment rights, or those who do not have the courage, principle, and fortitude to stand strong in defense of our civil liberties.  We also work very hard to support and promote politicians that will protect and defend our constitutional right to bear arms.

Dave Lauck’s goal as Sheriff is to restore public trust to the Sheriff’s office. Building an administration on core principles like accountability and responsibility is paramount, but just as important he “takes to heart the oath to up-hold the constitution”. During his 27 years as a Sworn Peace Officer he has served the public exceptionally well, Dave Lauck’s record proves it.

Dave Lauck’s background as a marksman has allowed him to train individuals ranging from new gun owners to uniformed officers from Police Departments and other agencies such as U.S. Special Forces, Marines, Seals, FBI, and National Guard. We aren’t bragging, it’s the truth, “Dave Lauck is the ultimate gun guy”.

Dave Lauck believes in “boldly defending the right to keep and bear arms” at the local level, but also agrees as Sheriff he must be actively involved in the state and federal arenas if we are too truly to defend our rights.

Dave Lauck is the only choice for Sheriff of Campbell County.

Anthony Bouchard
WyGO PAC – “Defending Rights by Political Action”

 About WyGo PAC:  The WyGO PAC raises funds to support the election of pro-gun candidates within Wyoming.  Using a proven two-prong strategy, WyGO – (Wyoming Gun Owners Association) lobbying before and during the legislative session and WyGO-PAC exposing the anti-gun politicians during the election cycle — the WyGO PAC gives citizens of Wyoming a very powerful way to defend their gun

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