SEIU involvement with elections

CHEYENNE WY - Groups like SEIU often have deep ties to other groups, in the case of SEIU the most public association has been ACORN. Both organizations worked tirelessly to elect Barack Obama.

“SEIU has contracted with ACORN on specific organizing and political projects involving activities such as canvassing, field services, phone banking, and mobilizing people for demonstrations”SEIU web-site

One person knew about their tactics long before it hit mainstream…

“They organize around Marxian class concepts–labor, race, age, etc.,–and seize upon hot class issues. They also form a series of special interest movements…Slowly but surely the left has organized and elected their own”H.L. Richardson, Founder Gun Owners of America

The new direction of America has proven this to be true and everyone of us must decide- will we will let them take us down the road to “Marxism” in Wyoming?

Below are just is a few images of the involvement of SEIU with elections and policy.



SEIU President Andy Stern boasts about “changing America forever”…

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