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CHEYENNE – WyGO is proactively seeking legislation that protects the citizens of Wyoming against an over-reaching, intrusive federal government. Believing Wyoming must be the shinning beacon to the nation, we are proud to announce that our legislative endeavours during the next general session will include Sheriffs First Legislation. This will re-enforce HB-95 the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act, it also gives protections beyond gun rights.

This “Sheriffs First” legislation will make it a state crime for a federal officer to arrest, search, or seize in Wyoming without first getting the advanced, written permission of the elected county sheriff of the county in which the event is to take place. Locally-elected sheriffs are accountable to the people and are supposed to the chief law enforcement officer of the county, bar none. This bill puts teeth into the expectation that federal agents must operate with the approval of the sheriff, or not at all. It also gives the local sheriff tools necessary to protect the people of his county, and their constitutional rights.

Wyoming Gun Owners Association will be supporting this legislation at the next general session and sheriff candidates that our “Political Action Wing”, (WyGO PAC) endorse also support Sheriffs First Legislation. As soon as we have the final draft for introduction we will make it available.

What is just as important as “Sheriffs First Legislation” is to elect Sheriffs that have  read the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions, and take their oath to up-hold constitutional statute seriously.

Remember candidates that WyGO PAC endorse support “Sheriffs First Legislation”.
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To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wygo – Wyoming Gun Owners

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